A small church .... Serving a GREAT God

Our Program:

          The Conewango Baptist Church is an independent, biblically fundamental, Bible-centered church.  Our doctrine and beliefs are distinctively Baptist.  We believe that the Word of God is our rule for faith and practice and therefore, we are a biblically separatist ministry, seeking to keep ourselves “unspotted from the world” and pure from the current “religious” movements of our day.  Though we do fellowship with other churches of like precious faith and practice, we are independent and take the doctrine of biblical separation as far as the Word of God teaches us to practice.  We are dispensational in our approach to Bible interpretation; however, we believe the Bible to be verbally inspired and infallible in its original languages (Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek).

          Our view of our spiritual responsibilities is to maintain a well balanced approach in exalting Jesus Christ, edifying (building up) the saints and evangelizing the lost.  Our conviction is that we do not have to compromise the Word of God to win the lost.  We desire to maintain the distinctiveness of the sacred and the secular in all that we do. For the Bible believing Christian there is no difference between the secular and the sacred because of his view and stand on the Scriptures.

          Our services are traditional in nature.  We seek to worship the Lord Jesus without bringing in music that falls under the genre of CCM.  The morning service is more formal, while our evening service is purposefully called our Family Service.  Sunday School for all ages and Wednesday evening services provide more of an interactive Bible study approach.